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Tyler Tanner

Tyler Tanner

Titles: Mandarin Chinese and Publications Teacher
Degrees: Bachelor's Degree, Chinese and Chinese Business
Master's Degree, Teaching and Business Administration/Global Management

Tyler Tanner began his relationship with Rowland Hall as a parent to a child in the Lower School. He has also been a basketball and baseball coach and a Mandarin Chinese tutor, and is currently the Mandarin Chinese and publications teacher in the Middle School.

Tyler has bachelor degrees in Chinese and Chinese business, and master's degrees in teaching and business administration/global management. He spent a year and a half in Taiwan learning the language and culture during college, and has traveled to China multiple times. He played basketball in college and has continued to play in various leagues in Salt Lake. Tyler spent 20 years working in healthcare administration, specifically human resources, and has GPHR and PHR certifications.

In his spare time, you will find Tyler skiing at any of the many Utah ski resorts. He also likes to listen to extreme metal, play basketball, travel, and spend time with his family.

Tyler was the recipient of the 2020 Middle School Sumner Family Excellence in Teaching Award.

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