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The Den

Step into the Bishop Tuttle Gymnasium, known colloquially as the Den, and find yourself immersed in Rowland Hall history.

This impressive gymnasium, located on the Lincoln Street Campus, is the hub of athletic activity for Rowland Hall's Middle School and Upper School. With retractable stadium seating for up to 300 spectators, the Den is designed to provide an exciting atmosphere for fans to cheer on their teams. As you take your seat, you can feel the energy building in anticipation of the game ahead.

The Den is complete with all the amenities necessary for a successful athletic program, including boys and girls locker rooms with showers, storage, and seating, six retractable basketball hoops, and three volleyball nets, providing ample space for teams to train and play. Whether it's from the thunderous sound of the ball hitting the hardwood, the echoing cheers of the crowd, or the spirit of competition, you'll feel excitement emanating from every corner of the Den.

As the nickname suggests, the Den is a place where athletes can feel a sense of belonging, develop their skills, and compete at their highest level. For Rowland Hall students, the Den is not just a gymnasium; it's a cherished symbol of school pride and athletic excellence.