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Middle School Athletics Fall 2023

It was a great sports season for all of our Middle School. We had a total of eight teams and 64 soccer and 59 volleyball players on our rosters this season! A heartfelt thank you to every one of our Winged Lions families for your support throughout the season.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated coaching staff who put in so much time, effort, and care to develop our student-athletes.

Please read on for a recap of each team’s season highlights.

Volleyball A-Team

Coach: Sarah Yoon

The A Team had a remarkable volleyball season, characterized by an impressive display of skill, teamwork, and unwavering determination. From the first day of practice to the last, the girls showed passion for the game and exhibited a relentless commitment to excellence. They worked hard in practice and dedicated hours to improving their skills and learning their rotations. Each player found their specialty, and despite injuries, they never gave up and defeated the opposing teams with powerful serves and hits. With excellent teamwork, the A-team captured victory after victory, and claimed the number-one seed. At the WAC tournament, each player left nothing on the court and fought hard to win the championship trophy. Our season ended with fun, memorable moments, personal growth, and outstanding sportsmanship. Congratulations to the A-team! Well done!

Rowland Hall Middle School volleyball players.

Volleyball B White & B Team

Coaches: Cassia Peeler, Alana Boynton, Jane Singleton

This season, our young athletes have displayed tremendous growth, both on and off the court. They've embraced the fundamentals of the game, showing strengthened teamwork, dedication, and sportsmanship. While our win-loss record may not be perfect, the true victories lie in the personal development and camaraderie our players have gained. Their commitment to growth and their focus on developing strong skill sets have set a strong foundation for future success. We're truly proud of their achievements and look forward to building on this foundation for an even more successful season next year.

Rowland Hall Middle School volleyball players.
Rowland Hall Middle School volleyball players.

Volleyball C White and Green Teams

Coaches: Jen Schones; Chad Obermark

The C Team had a fantastic season! Players showed incredible growth over a short time, focusing on passing and serving. These athletes had an awesome mixture of focus, competitiveness, and enthusiasm. They cheered for each other loudly and proudly! The whole squad loved to be a part of this team. They were excited to get to play games across the valley, playing both at home and away. White Team was competitive each night, with many matches going all three games. The Green Team won the conference and earned the first seed in the tournament. They ended up winning a hotly contested match for the championship over our rival, Waterford! We are incredibly proud of all the players and impressed by how much they developed their skills over the course of the season. It was a great way to start the year!

Rowland Hall Middle School volleyball players.
Rowland Hall Middle School volleyball players.

Soccer A White and Green Teams

Coaches: Scott Langone; Luke Muhlestein ’22 and Lorenzo Parker Pillow ’22

What a fantastic season our Middle School soccer teams had this year! Students played with a lot of effort and heart, and the joy they have for the game was evident throughout the season. We emphasized defense, 2 vs. 1 combination attacking options, and making smart decisions with and without the ball. With our strong numbers, we were fortunate to have two teams in the league. The Green Team (eighth grade) finished third in the WAC League and second place in the tournament, taking Waterford to penalties in the championship game. The White Team (seventh grade) finished in fourth place in the league standings and third in the WAC tournament, defeating APA Draper 2-0. It has been a lot of fun seeing the players develop and jell as a team this year, and we are excited to see how seventh grade develops over the year and what eighth grade can accomplish in high school soccer next year. Special thank you to Bobby Kennedy for helping with practice, Lorenzo Parker Pillow ’22, and Luke Muhlestein ’22 for helping out with after-school games.

Soccer C Team

Coaches: Luke Muhlestein; Lorenzo Parker Pillow

The C Team was well represented from a variety of communities, and with a wide range of experience and skill levels, the challenges they faced were numerous. Players of all ability levels blended together to represent the Winged Lions, and they did so with passion and pride. With a relatively short period of time before the first match, the goal was to develop a few principles of play on both sides of the ball that all team members would value and support. We were never short on energy and enthusiasm during practices or games. Thanks to those of you that attended a game or supported us from afar.

Rowland Hall Middle School soccer players.