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Middle School Athletics Spring 2023

Boys Volleyball

Coach: Jill Gerber

This spring, 12 Winged Lions challenged themselves in the sport of volleyball. Open to learning, inclusive, and supportive of their teammates, the players made considerable strides in developing their technical skills and working as a team to execute these skills in a game setting. I am proud of the players’ growth, willingness to take risks, and teamwork. With the coming addition of boys volleyball at the varsity high school level, the players could be the foundation of a new sports tradition at Rowland Hall.

Cross Country

Coaches: Mary Lawlor, Sara Donnelly, and Anna Wolfe

The Rowland Hall Middle School cross country team crushed it this season! Our 50+ runners attacked each practice and race with positive, silly, can-do attitudes. We encourage our runners to set personal goals each week. Because each race includes the same teams’ runners, our athletes are able to track their improvements. Some of those goals included: running faster, beating their finishing placement in the previous race, running throughout an entire race, or passing a set amount of racers. As coaches, we were so proud when our athletes reported that they met, and even surpassed, their personal bests. Each of the four Rowland Hall teams (Sixth Grade Girls, Sixth Grade Boys, Seventh/Eighth Grade Girls, and Seventh/Eighth Grade Boys) secured podium finishes at one or more of the meets. Coaches Mary Lawlor, Sara Donnelly, and Anna Wolfe agree the 2023 season was a total blast!

Congratulations to all of our fantastic athletes! The following runners earned top-10 finishes:

  • Andrew Frech
  • Shea Gainer
  • Elisha Hyman
  • Paulina Ize-Cedillo
  • Adrian Jones
  • Lucas Lamas
  • Riah Lau
  • Brooke Schnaitter
  • Tatum vonLintel
  • Mia Zhang

Girls Soccer

Coaches: Scott Lagone and Campbell Ainsworth

Our team had a fantastic season this year. Players began the year during the soccer elective working on developing fundamental skills and learning how to play together as a team. We struggled early in the season but the players worked hard, and as the season developed, players gained confidence and showed great improvement. They had a positive attitude and put a lot of effort on the field. Despite finishing last in the WAC league, the team battled in the tournament and on the last day the team won a close game on penalty kicks and got third place in the Wasatch Athletic Conference (WAC) Tournament. It has been a lot of fun seeing the players develop and jell as a team this year!

Rowland Hall's Middle School girls soccer A Team took third in the Wasatch Athletic Conference (WAC) Tournament.

Coaches: Bobby Kennedy and Campbell Ainsworth

The girls C soccer team wrapped up league play with a 3-2 record. While it was challenging at times to secure enough players to conduct meaningful training sessions and we needed some support during games from our seventh-grade counterparts, the consensus among the players and staff is that the season was a success. Players of all ability levels blended together to represent the Winged Lions, and they did so with passion and pride.

Our league record was good enough to earn the second seed in the WAC tournament, but because we didn't have enough available healthy players, and the tournament is designed for sixth-grade student-athletes, we were unable to field a team for postseason play. While this was disappointing, the staff knew that starting with such a small roster would pose a few challenges along the way. In the end, the game of soccer is better as a result of the nine sixth graders taking to the field this spring. Thanks to those of you that attended a game or supported us from afar. Thanks, BK & Campbell.

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