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Middle School Athletics Spring 2024

It was a great sports season for all of our Middle School. We had a total of six teams and 53 cross country and 33 soccer players on our rosters this season! A heartfelt thank you to every one of our Winged Lions families for your support throughout the season.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated coaching staff who put in so much time, effort, and care to develop our student-athletes.

Please read on for a recap of each team’s season highlights.

Soccer A Team
Coaches: Scott Langone, Lorenzo Parker Pillow

Rowland Hall girls soccer A Team had a fun season this year. The players began the year focusing on developing fundamental skills and learning to play together as a team. Throughout the season, the team showed tremendous improvement. Although they suffered a blowout loss to McGillis in their first game, they later tied McGillis and narrowly lost to them 5-4 in the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) semifinals. In the third-place match against APA Draper, the Winged Lions won 4-2 to earn third place in the WAC. The team should be proud of their improvement over the season and their end-of-season accomplishment. Go Winged Lions!

Soccer C Team
Coaches: Bobby Kennedy, Lorenzo Parker Pillow

This spring, 13 eclectic Winged Lions joined forces to represent Rowland Hall in the WAC on the soccer field. The team was composed of a dynamic blend of athleticism and experience. They quickly developed some principles of play on both sides of the ball that served them well throughout the campaign.

While it was demanding to create continuity on the field because of the various commitments our student-athletes have on a weekly basis, you could see the pieces of the puzzle were starting to come together. After finishing the regular season at 4-2-0, they earned the second seed and faced local rival McGillis in the semifinal. On the strength of a balanced defense and some timely scoring, the team prevailed in a hard-fought 2-1 victory.

In the final, the green and white would face Waterford, a team they split 1-1 with during conference play. While not at full strength in terms of personnel, the girls reacted well to the lineup adjustments and came out on top, 2-1, scoring in the final minutes of regulation time. Special thanks to all those who participated in the beautiful game. Go Winged Lions!

Cross Country 
Coaches: Sara Donnelly, Jane Singleton, Kayden Al-Mosawi

The Rowland Hall Middle School cross country team had an amazing season! Our 50+ runners attacked each practice and race with positive, fun, can-do attitudes. We encourage our runners to strive for new personal goals each week. Because each race includes the same teams’ runners, our athletes are able to track their improvements. Some of those goals included: running faster, beating their finishing placement in the previous race, running throughout an entire race, or passing a set amount of racers. As coaches, we were so proud when our athletes reported that they met, and even surpassed, their personal bests. Each of the four Rowland Hall teams (sixth-grade girls, sixth-grade boys, seventh- and eighth-grade girls, and seventh- and eighth-grade boys) secured podium finishes at one or more of the meets. Coaches Sara Donnelly, Jane Singleton, and Kayden Al-Mosawi agree the 2024 season was a total blast!

Congratulations to all of our fantastic athletes! Runners who earned top-10 finishes are bolded.

Arissa A.
Henry D.
Alia D.
Jack G.
Elle H.

Will H.
Tenzin K.
David K.
Eli K.
Ollie M.

Emi S.
Elliott S.
Adrian T.
Harry B.
Allison B.
Lucy C.
Lucas C.
Shea G.
Teddy G.
Elisha H.
Harper J.
Adrian J.
Sri K.
Mina M.
Kirav M.
Alex P.i
Brooke S.
Tatum V.
Jia A.
Yara B.
Luke G.

Nas K.
Miles K.
Allie L.
Wes M.
Rory N.
Charlie R.
Emmie R.
Songsten S.
Brooke W.
Nicole W.

Mia Z.
Members of Rowland Hall's Middle School girls cross country team, 2024.
Members of Rowland Hall's Middle School boys cross country team, 2024.